Hello DWK families,

We have updated our COVID-19 plans given the school closures and social distancing required for flattening the curve. DanceWorks Kenora will remain closed past our regular March Break until such time as deemed appropriate to continue with in-person dance classes again.

  • But we plan to keep dancing! We are working on plans to offer digital programming for our students and will be in touch again later this week with more details on how we will transition our in-studio classes to online offerings. Our hope is to help our dancers stay active, enrich what they’ve learned at the studio, and maintain a sense of connection and community while they are unable to dance together in person.
  • What this means for performances is that, sadly, the 2020 Kenora Festival of the Arts has been cancelled. We are still hoping to have our DWK Year-End Recital as planned on May 9 (but are being proactive in considering our options if social distancing is still required at that time).

We are working on our DanceWorks Kenora specific resources for you. In the meantime, here are a few online dance options to get you moving.

  • IntelliDance – “Direction Activities”
    • Best for ages 3 to 5
    • Direction Focused Creative Dance Activities. Direction describes the way a body leads or intends to move through the space. Preschool Children are ready to label directions and move in directions with clear intention.
  • CLI Studios – Free “Keep Moving” Classes
    • Level and type of classes vary. Check schedule online.
    • CLI Studios are committed to providing the best dance education experiences to dance studios, dance teachers, and dancers around the world. In the midst of the current climate, it’s more important than ever that the dance community works together to support one another and to help our dancers keep dancing. Starting on Monday, March 16 they will be live streaming an amazing set of dance classes from the CLI Studios faculty, free for everyone in the global dance community to join.
  • CLI Studios – “Student Training Program”
    • For Junior through Senior level dancers
    • DanceWorks Kenora is a member of the studio partnership program with CLI Studios. Our Junior to Senior level students can access the student training program to take a variety of online master classes from world-renowned choreographers.
    • This program will be free for DWK dancers while classes are not running at the studio. Contact Erin at info@danceworkskenora.com for the link to sign-up through our studio partnership account.

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