All DanceWorks Kenora students and families must agree to the following policies upon registration. If you did not register yourself online or agree to the policies within your portal account then please download the DWK 2022-2023 Policies (pdf) and bring the completed paper form to the studio.

DanceWorks Kenora Policies

as of August 1, 2022 for 2022-2023 Classes

Registration Fee

A $30 non-refundable registration fee per family is due at the time of enrollment for all Full Year, Fall, and Winter/Spring class registrations. The fee is charged once per family per year (running September to May).

The registration fee is waived for families enrolled only in mini-sessions or summer session classes.

Payment Policies

Registration is a commitment to pay the entire tuition amount for the length of the class session. I acknowledge that this obligation will continue until such time as payment is made in full.

Full Year and Fall/Winter Session:
Tuition can be paid in full, by cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card at the start of a session or broken down into equal installment payments, by credit card or post-dated cheques. The installments are as follows: Full Year (8 months), Fall (4 installments) or Winter (4 installments). The first installment plus the registration fee is due at the time of registration. Payments are then due by the 5th of the following months (October 5th through April 5th as applicable).

Mini-Sessions, Workshops, Camps or Other Special Events:
Full payment at the time of registration is required for mini-session registration, workshops, camps or other special events in order to finalize and reserve your spot.

Late and NSF Payments:
There is a $20 charge for all N.S.F., returned cheques, declined or cancelled payments. Any payments that are more than 30 days late are subject to a 5% late payment fee on the overdue balance.

Past Due Balance:
Accounts with past due balances of 45 days or more will be sent statements via email and, if payment arrangements are not made within 10 days, the dancer will not be able to participate in class or events until the account is up to date. Any accounts with outstanding balances will not be permitted to register for future classes or events until payment arrangements are made.

Withdrawal Policies

10 business day advance written notice, sent to, must be received in order to formalize a withdrawal and receive a refund (if applicable based on the withdrawal periods listed below). Missing or not showing up for scheduled lessons does not constitute notice of withdrawal. Late payments or failure to make tuition payments does not constitute withdrawal from classes or cancellation of an ongoing agreement.

For Full Year classes running the full 9 month session withdrawals and refunds will only be processed until November 1st. Fall and Winter session classes will only be eligible for withdrawal refunds within the first 3 weeks of classes.

Beyond these withdrawal periods refunds will not be given except in circumstances deemed exceptional by the studio director (ie: significant injury or illness preventing the dancer from participating for the rest of the season).

Mini-sessions registrations as well as registration fees are not refundable.

Workshops, camps, or other special events will have the withdrawal policy listed in the details for that particular event. If it is not listed then refunds will only be given for withdrawal more than 15 days prior to the event.

Late Registrations

Late registrations are accepted only at the instructor and studio director’s discretion. Any students registering after classes have started are responsible for a prorated payment for the initial installment and full payment of all remaining installments in the class session as well as the full registration fee.

Registrations for Full Year classes after December 1st (after instructor and studio approval) will be charged a late registration fee of $70+HST.

Cancellation & Online Learning Policy

DanceWorks Kenora reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor in the event that the regular instructor is ill or otherwise unable to teach. DanceWorks Kenora also reserves the right to transition studio classes to online learning if needed due to instructor illness, studio shutdowns, weather cancellations, or other unforeseen circumstances.

DanceWorks Kenora fees take into account the possibility of up to 3 cancellations by the studio or instructor for Full Year Classes and up to 2 cancellations by the studio or instructor for Fall or Winter/Spring sessions. If more classes are cancelled, the instructor will arrange alternate classes, workshops, or online sessions as make-up classes.

Refunds will not be provided unless the studio is unable to offer online learning or alternate instruction arrangements. Dancers that choose not to attend class or not to attend online learning will not receive refunds. Planned studio closures or holidays that were indicated at the time of registration do not count as cancellations.

In the event that the studio is closed due to weather or other emergency situations, we will email all students scheduled that day and post the closure on our social media pages.

DanceWorks Kenora reserves the right to adjust class time or cancel class due to low enrollment. Cancelled classes will receive a refund if the dancer is not able to transfer to another class.

Performances & Costume Policy

Performance is an important aspect of dance training and requires the commitment of all dancers in the class in order for the class to succeed as a group. Typically all Full Year classes and Winter session classes will participate in the Year-End Recital in May while all Dance Foundations, Primary, Junior, and Senior level classes will also participate in the adjudicated dance performances as part of the Kenora District Festival of the Arts in April.

Families will be notified of performance plans with as much advance notice as possible. Any dancers who are unable to participate in planned performance opportunities must inform the studio by the deadline indicated when performance dates are communicated. Dancers that are unavailable or decide not to participate in performance opportunities will still be able to participate in class but will not be placed in choreography and will need to dance to the side or sit out occasionally as the class prepares for their performance.

There is no extra cost to participate in the Year-End Recital and the tuition fees cover the entry costs if classes are entered in the Kenora Festival of the Arts. Family members and friends that attend these events will need to purchase a ticket or pay an entrance fee.

Costumes for performances are provided by DanceWorks Kenora (but may build on the dress code requirements for each class) and must be returned to the studio after the final performance. Unreturned or damaged costumes will result in a costume replacement fee of $90 (plus HST) for each costume.

Code of Conduct

Dancers and families are expected to follow the studio code of conduct and to show respect for the dance space as well as the other dancers, instructors, and studio volunteers. The expectation of courteous and respectful behaviour to others applies both inside and outside of the studio.

Dancers are expected to be on time for class/events with proper dancewear and shoes for all classes. Proper attire is listed on the studio website ( An important part of dance training is the discipline learned from arriving to class on time and with proper hair and attire. This also provides a distraction free learning environment for all students and makes it possible for the instructor to watch and correct for proper technique.

Regular attendance is essential for student success. Please notify the studio with as much advance notice as possible if your dancer will be missing their class. Dancers that are sick or cannot attend in person may be able to attend class virtually if adequate notice is provided. There will be no refunds given for missed classes. Dancers are encouraged to make-up missed classes in another level or style, whether in person or virtually. Make-up classes need to be approved by the studio director. Repeated absences may mean that a dancer is removed from sections of class choreography or in extreme circumstances not allowed to perform with the class.

Dancers should notify their instructor prior to the start of class of any injuries that prevent full participation or of any planned need to leave class early. Dancers should be excused personally by the instructor before exiting the classroom if they are leaving during scheduled class time.

Students and families understand that illegal drug use, illegal cannabis use, illegal alcohol use, theft, violence, vandalism, and criminal acts or activities are unacceptable behaviour. If, while a student is enrolled at DanceWorks Kenora, they are involved in any situation or occurrence which subjects the student and/or the studio to public scandal, disrepute, widespread contempt, public ridicule, or that will tend to shock, insult or offend the community or public morals or decency or prejudice DanceWorks Kenora in general, then the studio shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to take any action it deems appropriate.

Bullying will not be tolerated. Students and families are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with other people’s use and enjoyment of DanceWorks Kenora facilities or programming.

DanceWorks Kenora will make every effort to work with dancers and their families to resolve any issues related to behaviour and proper conduct but reserves the right to decide on appropriate action, including removing a dancer from a class (without refund), on a temporary or permanent basis, as required.

Class Visitors & Observation

In order to enhance the quality of teaching, maintain a focused environment and ensure students get the most out of their classes DanceWorks Kenora does not allow parents or family to observe classes. Parent viewing weeks or online recordings or streaming of classes will be available to families once per session. Family and friends are also invited to show their support by attending public performances.

The studio may allow family or visitor observation under other circumstances on a case by case basis as decided by the studio director.

Studio Communications

All registered families must have a current and active email address on account. We communicate the majority of our studio information via email and you are responsible for maintaining the correct email address on file, checking your email regularly, and making sure that is listed as a “safe” sender and that studio emails are not going to your spam or promotions folder.

Emails will include registration confirmation, studio updates, schedule notifications, class specific updates, as well as statements and receipts. We do not send promotional or junk mail to our dance families.

General studio news will also always be posted to the website under You can also follow DanceWorks Kenora on social media to receive updates but this does not replace the need for an active email address on file.

We recommend that older students have their own email address on file so that they also receive studio updates and class specific information and can share the responsibility of managing and being prepared for dance classes and events.

Photo, Media, and Social Media Policy

DanceWorks Kenora students and their parents/guardians give permission to DanceWorks Kenora to collect, use, and disclose photographs, written statements, and recordings of the student in any audio, visual, printed or other promotional materials at the sole discretion of DanceWorks Kenora. I agree to the release of any photographs and video for the purpose of publicizing and promoting their programs and services, including posts on the studio’s website and social media sites. Compensation will not be expected. I assign and transfer to DanceWorks Kenora any and all rights that I or the student may have, in perpetuity, including copyright, and waive any rights over editing, associating, or crediting this material.

Families with extenuating or specific circumstances that cannot agree to this media policy must notify the studio by email when registering for a session. The studio will make every reasonable effort to accommodate “No Media” requests but does not make any guarantees.

Students and parents are not to photograph or record anything in the studio without the approval of DanceWorks Kenora. Students and families agree to use common sense and respect when using the DanceWorks Kenora name, logo or related imagery on social media platforms. Images or videos that include other individuals should never be shared or posted online without permission from that individual (or their guardian if they are a minor).

DanceWorks Kenora reserves the right to insist content be removed from social media if it does not comply with the studio’s policies.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Until such time as the DanceWorks Kenora COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan is removed, everyone entering the DanceWorks Kenora studio must agree with, and follow, our COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan. We reserve the right to modify these policies or the structure of our programming at any time based on evolving information. Current families and students will be notified when there are any substantial changes. The most up-to-date version of the DanceWorks Kenora COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan will always be posted at and within the studio. Any student, family member, or individual that is not following the COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan will be asked to leave the studio and, if warranted, may be removed from their class, program or event without refund.


All DanceWorks Kenora students, or their parent/guardians when the student is under 18, waive any and all claims that they have or may have in the future against DanceWorks Kenora, its legal representatives or assignees, all instructors, contractors, or other persons acting under its permission or authority, and all rental facilities or organizations.

Students and parents/guardians recognize that dance and fitness programs require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury and are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. Students accept responsibility for listening to their own body, being aware of any physical conditions, and knowing that they are not obligated to follow the instructions being given and can modify instructions as needed for their own body.

Registration represents and warrants that the student is physically fit and has no medical conditions that would prevent their participation in dance classes, programs or workshops. The student and parent/guardian agree to keep the instructor informed of any conditions or injuries which may impact their full participation in class or performances.

In the case of online classes and dancing from home, families are responsible for ensuring dancers have a clear and safe space for dance and that there is appropriate supervision of the dancer.

The student and parent/guardian realize that at times an instructor may make physical contact with a student to bring awareness to an area of the body and to correct positioning. The student and parent/guardian agree to let the instructor know before or during class if the student would prefer no physical contact during class.

DanceWorks Kenora is not responsible for students who do not attend their scheduled class, rehearsal, or event. Parents/guardians consent that they are responsible for students in the studio building or performance venues both before and immediately after their student’s scheduled programming. Students age 10 and under should be escorted to and from the studio entrance by a parent or guardian.

The student and parent/guardian assume all risks of participation in the programs and related activities offered by the studio. I acknowledge that despite the precautions taken by DanceWorks Kenora, there are potential risks associated with the programming, including, without limitation, the risk of damage to property and severe or fatal injury, as a result of the student’s participation. I have made my own assessment with respect to the safety and risks associated with participating in the activities associated with DanceWorks Kenora.

I am also aware of the contagious nature of bacterial and viral diseases, including the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (“COVID19”) (collectively “the “Diseases”) and the risk that, despite precautions taken by DanceWorks Kenora, the Student may be exposed to or contract COVID-19 or any of the Disease(s) by participating in the Program, which may result in serious illness, personal injury, disability, or death;

I give permission to DanceWorks Kenora to authorize medical care and treatment in emergency situations. I understand that DanceWorks Kenora will make every reasonable effort to reach the student’s legal guardian and emergency contact if an emergency arises. In the event that the student’s contact cannot be reached I give consent to medical care and treatment as reasonably necessary. This release extends liability arising out of or in any way connected with any medical care or treatment and/or transportation provided in the event of emergency.

I waive, release and forever discharge any and all claims or actions I or the student may now or in the future have against DanceWorks Kenora for any injury, death, damages or loss sustained as a result of participation in the programs offered by the studio. DanceWorks Kenora will not assume responsibility for any injury, losses, costs or damages resulting from participation in their programs or the related activities.