General FAQ

How do I register?

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  You can register online anytime. Payment in full can be made using cash, cheque, or credit card while monthly payments can only be made by credit card or post-dated cheques.

Where do I go for class?

Due to COVID-19 procedures we have updated our entrance and exit flow. Dancers will be dropped off and enter through the green door and will exit and be picked up at the glass doors. Please make sure you have reviewed the COVID-19 Procedures and have read and understand our COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan.

Classes will be held at the DanceWorks Kenora studio at 1051 Railway Street, Kenora, ON. As the studio space is partially shared with Inglenook Studio please use the left hand entrance (bright green door) to enter the dance studio directly.

What if I miss a class?

Due to COVID-19 procedures any make-up classes will need to be approved by a teacher in advance and will depend on class sizes and availability. Make-up classes may need to be done online and will need to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

There are no refunds for missed classes or late registrations. Students missing a class are encouraged to attend a make-up class in a class either one level higher or lower than the registered class. You can also use make-up classes to try a class in a different style. Your teacher will indicate the class that would be the most appropriate to attend.

Can I watch my child’s classes?

Due to COVID-19 we are limiting access to the studio. Parents will drop-off and pick-up dancers at the door following our entrance/exit procedures.

In order to enhance the quality of teaching and ensure students get the most out of their classes DanceWorks Kenora does not allow parents to observe classes. There will be a parent viewing week in Fall where parents and family members will be invited to observe a typical class.

Will there be performance opportunities?
Will I have to pay for a costume?

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently planning any performances for Fall 2021. Any performance opportunities for Winter/Spring 2022 will depend on local conditions and safety requirements.

All full-year classes and some Winter session classes will participate in the year end recital. Adult classes will also be invited to perform and participation will depend on the interest in each class. Recital costumes are provided by DanceWorks Kenora. Costumes may build upon the basic clothing requirements for each class. A replacement fee will be charged should any costumes not be returned to the studio or be returned damaged. Any students opting out of Recital must let the studio know by the dates listed within the Policies.

Additional performance opportunities may become available throughout the year. Many classes will participate in the Kenora District Festival of the Arts. Those opportunities and their time requirements, as well as any additional costs, will be discussed at that time.

Students with poor attendance or those missing too many classes or vital rehearsals in the lead-up to a performance will not be permitted to perform.

How do I know what class(es) to register for?

The goal at DanceWorks Kenora is to ensure that you or your child has a positive, challenging, and fun dance experience. Some classes are based on age but as dancers progress the class placement will be decided primarily based on progress, proficiency, and focus/maturity. While skill based classes are labelled with age ranges these are guidelines only. Teachers will provide dancers from the previous year with class placement recommendations which will be posted within the family’s portal account when registration opens.

Can I try a class before committing to the session?

Yes, but trial enrollment is only available once classes have started and if there is an available spot in the class. This is to first allow full session enrollment and then allow trial classes only if the class is not already full.

A trial registration completes the online form as usual but be sure to select the “Trial” enrollment option. Your payment will not be processed until you confirm your participation after your trial class.

What if my child does not want to continue classes after they start?

Please talk to your child’s instructor to discuss the best plan forward. They may be able to provide some assistance and in some cases another class or level may be more suitable. Withdrawals are subject to the withdrawal policy agreed upon at the time of registration. Registration is a commitment to the entire session and refunds will also be given within the withdrawal period. You can review the withdrawal policy on our Policies page.