Financial Support

The cost of dance class is a struggle for our family. Is there any assistance available?

DanceWorks Kenora recognizes that the cost of dance classes can be prohibitive for some families. We know the impact that dance can have on a life and we do our best to keep our fees reasonable and to provide opportunities for those individuals and families who are struggling with the costs.

  • Our multi-class discounts and early bird registration discounts along with the monthly payment options are designed to assist families in managing the costs of dance.
  • We also provide the costumes for performances so that families do not have to pay additional costume costs.
  • For classes participating in the Kenora District Festival of the Arts the entry fees are included in tuition and there is no cost for the dancer to participate in the DWK Year-End Recital.
  • The only additional costs required of families are the required dancewear and shoes for class (please see the Dress Code). Optional costs include tickets to watch Festival and Recital, purchasing dance photos or a Recital DVD.

Triple P.L.A.Y.
Triple P.L.A.Y. Kenora is a local resource for families facing financial barriers. Families applying through Triple PLAY will need to make a payment arrangement with DanceWorks Kenora at the time of registration for the portion of tuition above Triple PLAY funding limits.

Dance Assistant & Junior Instructor Program
Dancers can participate in the teacher assistant program (age 10+) or junior instructor program (age 16+) in exchange for studio credits. If your dancer is interested in this program please reach out to Ms. Erin at

Barter Credits
DanceWorks Kenora will consider bartering for services that are needed by the studio. This can include studio cleaning & maintenance, costume seamstress, handyman repair, advertising exposure, technical services and assistance at studio events. These credits are arranged on an individual basis and at our sole discretion.

DWK Scholarships
Dancers that have demonstrated commitment to dance and whose families are struggling with the cost of dance may be eligible for DanceWorks Kenora scholarship credits.

DanceWorks Kenora provides scholarships for students of all ages and levels of ability. Our scholarships are primarily for those who consider dance to be a priority but who cannot afford the financial cost. (If you are interested in donating to our scholarship fund please send an email to

Scholarship students must have a good attendance record, demonstrate a positive attitude in class and show commitment to their dance training. The portion of tuition covered will vary from 25% to 100% depending on need. Priority will be given to students who have danced previously and have already demonstrated a strong commitment to their dance classes.

Please complete the following form in order to submit an application for (or a nomination for) scholarship funding. Scholarships are provided by DanceWorks Kenora on our sole opinion and discretion and apply only to tuition costs.

DanceWorks Kenora 2021-2022 Scholarship Application

You will be contacted by DanceWorks Kenora after you have submitted your application.