The teachers are very patient. Whatever happens keep trying your best. Don’t forget your goal. Dance teaches me self-confidence and to be brave.

Emery (age 9)

We feel so lucky to have this dance studio in Kenora. Our kids have gained so much through dance including confidence, strength, and athletic integrity.


The studio is such a welcoming place. It really feels like a family there. Dancing there will always be one of my best memories. It truly is so fun and I learned so much.


My dancer has grown up in the dance studio and has enjoyed every minute of it. She began in the creative movement class where she was encouraged to express her creative side while developing her dance technique. Over the years she has come through the different dance programs and has continued to excel under the guidance of Ms. Erin.

She has looked up to the older dancers since day one. They have been like her big sisters and have encouraged her to follow her dreams. She is now one of the older dancers and has transitioned into being the role model while helping in the younger classes. Through her experience at DanceWorks Kenora she has gained confidence in herself and has now attended two dance auditions, performed on stage many times and has attended the RWB summer dance intensive program. The last 7 years at DanceWorks Kenora have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to continuing the dance journey with Ms. Erin and the rest of the dance family.


Our daughter joined DanceWorks Kenora at 5 years of age taking Creative Movement class. She is now enrolled in 3 classes a week and looks forward to becoming an assistant in classes as well. Ms. Erin is so great with her students and fosters their growth and enjoyment of dance with a positive discipline needed to grow in this sport.


Learning to dance as an adult has been a joy. It has been a great confidence booster and has given me a better perception of how my body moves in space.


After 6 years we are always pleased with how much our dancer enjoys it and continues to want to return. Not only is it fun for her but it comes with responsibility, discipline and structure. She has made some wonderful friends over the years and absolutely adores her dance teachers. Thank you for this great experience!


The DanceWorks Kenora studio provides a variety of dance instruction for everyone from small children to adult learners. My daughter was searching for dance classes for awhile before we found DanceWorks and she has taken classes every year since. She has enjoyed making friends and the Year-End Recital is great fun and very professionally done. I have recommended their classes to friends and family.


My daughter has been dancing with DanceWorks Kenora for 5 years now. She has gained confidence, made new friends and continues to strive for improvement with her athleticism. She loves the end of the year recital and competition and working towards the goal of performing. Erin has gone above and beyond during the pandemic to maintain some normalcy with online dance classes and then once in studio excelled at ensuring COVID precautions were strict. I’m sure that we will be with DanceWorks Kenora for years to come