Hi dance families,

We are back to in-person classes beginning on Monday, January 31. Thank you to everyone that has been showing up online, it’s been great to see your smiles and to feel your energy through the screen and now we are really looking forward to being back in the studio together!

With the return to in-person classes we will be back to our regular class schedule and our COVID-19 procedures, including the newer requirement that all dancers age 12+ show their proof of vaccination (via QR code) to enter the studio.

A reminder of your class schedule and our procedures is below. Please review and reach out ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.

Screening Required Before Entering Studio
Dancers and staff must pass the DWK Health Check screening survey to attend class in-person. The screening survey can always be accessed from the homepage at danceworkskenora.com This active screening is a requirement for facilities like the dance studio but the ongoing tracking of this for every student each day can take up a lot of time. Ms. Erin greatly appreciates your efforts in completing it the night before or the morning of your class.

Online Class Option Always Available
Dancers that cannot attend class in-person are encouraged to attend class online. The Zoom virtual class link is available in your portal account under the class details. Taking class online allows dancers to participate from home while continuing to learn with their peers. Let the studio know with as much advance notice as possible (but we can set it up quickly when needed).

Dance Class Checklist:
Proper dance attire and hairstyle
Dance shoes
Water bottle
Proof of Vaccination (age 12+)

Double check your class requirements in our Dress Code if you are unsure of correct attire. Many styles require dancers to have a ballet bun while those with shorter hair need to have it pinned back from the face as much as possible. While hair does not need to be as slicked back as it would be for a performance a dancer should be able to make it through class without having to make adjustments to their hair. We know it can take some practice but once you learn the technique a ballet bun can be done quite quickly. Watch this tutorial video for tips and make sure you have the correct type of hair pins and hair net.

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