Kenora District Festival of the Arts 2018
Adjudicated Dance Performances

Festival Performances
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Times & Location: 10:00am to 5:00pm at 7 Generations Event Centre (entrance at the lower level)

All DWK Dance Foundations, Primary, Junior, Senior, and Ensemble classes participate in the Kenora District Festival of the Arts. We are also joined by a number of entries from Dryden’s Stage Door Studio. Dancers perform in their session and then all performers in that session return to the stage in order to receive feedback from the adjudicator. After their adjudication is completed dancers are free to leave (or can stay to watch some of the other sessions).

Backstage helpers are needed for:
Dance Foundations Ballet (Monday) / Dance Foundations Jazz (Thursday) / Dance Foundations Tap (Saturday) / Primary Jazz / Primary Tap / Primary Ballet / DWK Primary Ensemble

The above classes require 1-2 parents backstage to ensure they stay together, have their proper hair and costume, assist with any quick changes, etc. If you are able to volunteer for the backstage position for any of the following classes please let Erin know by emailing

In order to avoid congestion backstage and limit the distractions as people enter and exit the theatre we ask that all other parents drop their dancer off at the backstage area and then proceed to the theatre area.

Festival Workshops
There are no separate festival workshops this year. However, the adjudicator will have more time with each session for their on-stage adjudication to provide feedback on their performance and technique.

There will be a $4 charge at the door, please be prepared with correct change if possible. In order to limit distractions to the dancers and the adjudicator please enter and exit only between performances and not while dancers are on stage.

Costumes, Hair & Makeup
Please double check that you have all components of your costume, including your proper dance shoes, clean tights, hair supplies, and makeup prepared for Festival. You can review the requirements for each class in the DWK 2018 – Costumes, Hair & Makeup note available under “News” on

KDFA Dance Schedule
Dancers should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to their performance time with hair and makeup already done. Costumes should not be worn to and from the performance. Please plan to change when you arrive. Dancers will be getting ready in two classrooms near the backstage area. Classes need to be together, ready, and warmed-up 15 minutes prior to their session start time and will remain backstage immediately after their performance until the completion of the on-stage adjudication for their session. Once their adjudication is complete dancers are free to leave.

Session Times
The detailed Festival of the Arts Programme is online at and the Dance component starts on page 26.

Session 1 – 10:00am to 10:25am
Primary/Junior Tap, Junior/Senior Tap, Dance Foundations Tap (Saturday)

Session 2 – 10:30am to 11:00am
Primary Ensemble Ballet, Dance Foundations Ballet (Monday)

Session 3 – 11:05am to 11:40am
Senior Ballet, Junior Ballet, Primary Ballet

Session 4 – 11:45am to 12:15pm
Dance Foundations Jazz (Thursday), Senior Ensemble Jazz, Primary Ensemble Jazz

Session 5 – 12:20pm to 12:55pm
Junior Jazz, Primary Jazz, Senior Jazz

Session 6 – 1:00pm to 1:30pm
No DWK classes

Session 7 – 2:15pm to 3:00pm
Student Choreography

Session 8 – 3:05pm to 3:40pm
Senior Modern, Senior Ensemble Contemporary

Session 9 – 3:45pm to 4:20pm
Emelia MacInnis, Madeleine Graham, Brooklynn Francis, Ara Kakis

Session 10 – 4:25pm to 5:00pm
Chloe Herr, Jaycie Holmstrom, Kirsten Favreau, Ireland Roulston, Jamie Herr & Emma Manzie

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