Hi dance families,

It’s time to get dancing! Classes start this week with our first day back being Sunday, January 8, 2023. We are looking forward to getting back to dance with our full-year classes and welcoming some new dancers into the studio for our Winter session. As a reminder, your class schedule is below along with some important information. Please review and reach out ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.

Dance Class Checklist:

  • Proper dance attire and hairstyle
  • Dance shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Dancers with back-to-back classes may want to bring a small snack. No peanuts please.

Double check your class requirements in our Dress Code. If you don’t have the correct attire or shoes yet please wear anything that allows full range of movement and have your dancer bring a thin pair of socks.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

We will be continuing to reduce congestion in our small entrance areas and recommend all parents/guardians drop-off and pick-up only (unless a dancer requires assistance inside the studio). For younger or first-time dancers we welcome an adult in to meet the instructor and get the dancer settled into the studio space at the start of class for the first week or two as needed.

Dancers will be enter through the green door and will exit and be picked up at the glass doors. The studio will open for dancer drop-off approximately 5 minutes before classes start. If you need to use the washroom or to come in to change before the first class of the evening please knock on the glass doors.

Note: Our parking lot can be quite busy, particularly in the early evening when our hours overlap with our neighbouring businesses. For safety we ask that parents walk younger dancers to the green door and come to the glass door for pick-up rather than waiting in your vehicle. Please also try to avoid blocking the NAPA garage door or their delivery vehicles.

Absences & Make-up Classes

A reminder that we continue to request that dancers and staff not attend in-person classes if they are sick. If your dancer has missed a class they are encouraged to attend another level or style to make-up for their absence. Contact the studio if you are unsure what level or style would be an option for your dancer to attend as a make-up class.

Contact Information

If you have questions please contact Erin at info@danceworkskenora.com or by texting or calling. Please note that emails or text messages are Ms. Erin’s preferred methods of contact as they are easier to respond to quickly between classes or after classes in the evening.

Don’t forget to follow DanceWorks Kenora on Facebook and Instagram to see photos and videos from the studio.

PS. Registration is still open for our Winter session and mini-session classes. Do you know someone that might be interested in dance? They can sign up to attend a free trial class before making a commitment to the session. 

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