Hi dance families,
We are looking forward to getting the dance season started this week! Your class schedule is below along with some important information on policies, procedures, etc. Please review and reach out ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.

Screening Required Before Class

Dancers and staff must pass the DWK Health Check screening survey before attending class in-person. We request that you complete this 12 to 24 hours before your scheduled class so that Ms. Erin has time to review responses and send reminders to those that have not completed it before classes start each day. If anything changes between filling out the screening and the time of class you are required to notify the studio. The screening survey can also be accessed from the homepage at danceworkskenora.com Note: This active screening is a requirement for facilities like the dance studio but the ongoing tracking of this for every student each day can take up a lot of time. We greatly appreciate your efforts in completing it in a timely manner before each class.

Dance Class Checklist:

  • Proper dance attire and hairstyle
  • Dance shoes
  • Mask
  • Water bottle

(Double check your class requirements in our Dress Code. If you don’t have the correct attire or shoes yet please wear anything that allows full range of movement and have your dancer bring a thin pair of socks.)

Absences & Make-up Classes

Dancers that cannot attend class in-person are encouraged to attend class online. This allows dancers to participate from home while continuing to learn with their regular class. Please notify the studio as soon as possible of any absences. This gives us time to set up the hybrid class technology if they are attending online and also opens up the option of in-person make-up classes for other students.

If dancers have missed a class and were not able to attend online they can attend a make-up class in another style or level (this may be done online or in-person depending on class sizes). Due to our ongoing COVID-19 procedures each make-up class must be approved first. Please contact Ms. Erin at info@danceworkskenora.com to arrange make-up classes.

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