Hi DWK families,

A reminder that Studio Challenge #3 ends on Friday, May 8th.

Get your text, picture, and video responses in by midnight on Friday! Entries can be sent in via e-mail, text, social media, or FlipGrid.

Ms. Erin has loved seeing the responses so far. While we can’t be together and won’t be having our usual Recital it feels good to still hear from you, to see your studio support, and to see you dancing at home.

Studio Challenge #3

Studio Challenge #4

We hope dancers are also practicing for what will be the final studio challenge of the season. Dancers that send in a video performing their class routine, in costume and with proper hair, will be entered in a draw to win a $300 credit towards next year’s dance class tuition! The number of class credits awarded will depend on the total number of entries. Get practicing! (Need to review your dance? The links for the choreography videos are in FlipGrid for each class). Entries are due by Friday, May 22!

We’d also love to see you dancing at home in your costume, even if you don’t want to perform your entire dance. You won’t be entered in the draw but Ms. Erin would love to see your freestyle dance moves anyways!

Costume Return

Some of you have been asking about costume return. We are still working out the best procedure and plan for this as we want to make sure we avoid creating crowds and maintain social distancing. We will be in touch soon with details on drop-off dates, times, and procedures.

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