Performance time is coming up quickly!

Costumes will be going home with dancers this week at all classes. Please keep them stored safely at home until needed for picture day and performances. A reminder that a costume replacement fee of $80 will be charged to your account if the costume is lost, damaged, or is not returned after recital.

Please make sure you have the following dates on your calendar.

  • Sunday, March 8 – Picture Day
    • Each class will be at the studio for 45-60 minutes for their group and/or individual pictures.
    • Schedule and details will be sent out later this week.
  • Saturday, April 4 – Kenora District Festival of the Arts
    • Adjudicated dance performances for all Dance Foundations, Primary, Junior, Senior, and Ensemble classes. Note: There are no regular classes at the studio on this day.
    • Entry fees are included in your class tuition and all class entry forms are done by the studio.
    • Dancers may choose to enter their own student choreography pieces for an opportunity to receive feedback on their own choreography and a chance to win the KDFA Student Choreography Award. Entry deadline is February 22 – visit for the syllabus and entry forms.
  • Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May 9 – DWK Dress Rehearsal & Year-End Recital
    • All dancers participate in both the afternoon and the evening show for our Year-End Recital on May 9.
      • This includes Creative Movement, CM & Tap, Dance Foundations, Primary, Junior, Senior, and Ensemble classes.
    • Dress rehearsal takes place the evening of May 8 and will run in an age-based order rather than show order.
    • Full details and ticket sales will be available in April.

If you know your dancer is not able to attend any of the above events please notify Erin ASAP.

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